Dec 062023

Small update

I haven't reported on what's going on in Malawi for a while. And there really is a lot going on. I don't even know where to start. The other day I learned that the government in Malawi...Continue Reading

Jul 052023

Harvest time

I haven't written anything for Malawi-Friends for a long time. But now it's time! Harvest is coming and that is something to celebrate. Shaba and I communicated every now and then when the opportunity...Continue Reading

Mar 152023


And again Malawi was hit by a flood. Cyclone "Freddy", one of the longest cyclones in history, is raging here in Malawi, bringing these floods through heavy rain. Freddy is charging over the Indian Ocean...Continue Reading

Feb 052023


In the last post I showed you the emergency power supply in the video, and how important it is that Malawi radio broadcasts, because it means not only that God's word is spread, but jobs depend on it,...Continue Reading

Feb 042023


Shalom. Besides the farm with the rice cultivation, which is progressing well, everything is growing and prospering, there is also the radio project. But radio only works when there is electricity. And this is a problem not only...Continue Reading

Jan 172023


Shaba Killion, my friend and brother sends me new pictures of the farm. I have already imagined the work in the fields. Rice likes it wet. I asked Shaba to share his words, pictures...Continue Reading

Jan 142023


Lisa and I watched a film that we came across by chance (?). The film, which we both did not know, is set in Malawi and has once again also shown us the urgency of the...Continue Reading

Jan 092023


Shaba sent me some photos showing plants that are sick or infested and now need to be sprayed. I hope this stuff is biodegradable. And even more I hope it is...Continue Reading

Jan 022023

New Year

A trip to Kasungu and a meal and fellowship. For the new year, the workers of the farm were invited. And the rice is growing. God is good.

Dec 282022


Hunger is a reality in Malawi. The people are very poor. Pastor Shaba Killion has already planted 200 banana trees on a plot of land behind the church. And guava trees. But that alone will not be enough. It is...Continue Reading